Cosplay - What is it?

Cosplay is short for "costume fun", although it is a bit different from dressing up for a sexy pizza for Halloween. Cosplay simply means dressing up as a favorite character from a comic, movie or novel and becoming "character in this character."

As events such as Comic Con have become more popular, cases of adults disguised as wizards have become more popular. Cosplay may have a sexual subtext, but it may also not have it, depending on the context. Dressing up as a Catwoman and erotic dance for your boyfriend will make him red hot? Sexual character. Do you dress up as Gandalf for the Lord of the Rings party on Friday evening? Whatever you call it, it's definitely not sexy. Cosplay, however, doesn't have to be sexual, don't get me wrong. Consider the context of the disguises before adopting the costume for invitations to have sex. Many fans who take part in cosplay feel like they are over-objectified. At events like Comic Con, women who dress up "hate being confused with any type of adult entertainment. And so they realize that they are now in a place where there are mainly men who find it hard sometimes

How to do it?

In addition to potential unwanted attention, dressing up as your favorite fictional character can be fun. It's like all-year Halloween! Do you want to put on a costume but don't know where to start?

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that can help you with this. The most important part of cosplay are, which should not surprise anyone, costumes. While some people like to make costumes by hand, you have nothing to be ashamed of if you choose a shortcut and buy a costume online. Also, make sure your costume is comfortable to wear and easy enough to take off if you need to use the toilet. It sounds like something obvious, but some of these costumes are really hard to take off! When it comes to keeping your costume clean after wearing it all weekend? Some people recommend using an air freshener or wearing sweat guards. Sexy.

The most famous convention is, of course, Comic Con, but there are many more, often themed, whose subjects are things like pop culture, anime, comics, games, science fiction, fantasy and many more. Do a small study of what conventions are taking place in your area, and then choose the one that appeals to you the most. Then go to her and meet the adults who are in constant contact with the internal child.


You really can't talk about cosplay, not to mention furry, a subculture of people who like to dress up in animal costumes, often as a sex fetish. Most people like to caress soft animals, others prefer to caress adults dressed as soft animals. Like cosplay, the furry trend has emerged from the nerd culture. There are many versions of excitement. Some wear ears / tail, others wear fur, others create art, others write stories, play roles a little.

As with almost every fandom, there is a porn site, in this case known as "yiff". The term most likely derives from the sound of two furries while making love. Stay tuned or not - the choice is yours.

There are fur dating sites and fur conventions, and even fur sex scandals. At the heart of the furry fetish is the sexual desire to dress like an animal character and maintain sexual relations with other people who do the same.

Cosplay in pop culture:

No wonder that the heroes of the Big Bang Theory get involved in cosplay. Here they are dressed as the Justice League.