Herb and sex. Advantages and disadvantages of high sex

Discover the best and worst effects of combining marijuana with pleasure. Usually, smokers say that everything tastes, smells and feels much better when you're high. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to mixing cannabis and sex, some say it's the best experience they've ever had - others think it's the worst (we couldn't find a worse word for it). More importantly, many of them used the term 'science' to describe this experience. Of course, we had to delve into this issue to see exactly what kind of science it was about (if you can speak of any kind here).

Here's what we found. Pros: Thirst increased A 1984 study Cited by Psychology Daily found that users have increased libido after smoking marijuana. Although the study may be out of date, users still claim that they have increased sexual desire when under the influence of herbs. This is due to the infinite possibilities of variables that still need to be scientifically proven, but delving slightly into the properties of the magic herb, we can say that marijuana actually makes foreplay more exciting.

Increased sensitivity When it comes to marijuana, the subject of heightened senses is one of the most frequently discussed. Users often say that sex is better when they are high. This study shows that users feel more relaxed, euphoric and emotional - all of these things work great in the bedroom. If you think of sex in terms of massage, you are more likely to enjoy it and enjoy it if you are completely relaxed. If you're tense, the likelihood of feeling good is not much. There is even a cannabis flavor lubricant whose producers claim that the product will make sex more enjoyable for women, which will result in extremely long and intense orgasms.

Time slows down a bit In the same study, marijuana users claimed that their perception of time was stretched. This is good news for both parties involved! If sex doesn't last as long as you hope, you'll probably have more minutes (if not hours). Although this may not sound like much time, it may matter.

Intense orgasms Intense orgasms, directly related to increased sensitivity and perception of time, are often associated with the consumption of some herbs. Orgasms last on average up to 30 seconds longer and are extremely intense. Not one person claims that it was after consuming marijuana achieved the most intense orgasms - whether with partners or solo.

Minuses: Dosing effect The Academy of Neurology conducted a study on the dose-related effects of marijuana. No wonder that the more you smoke, the worse (or better depending on the end goal) you achieve the effects. In terms of sex, it means that if you smoke too much, you probably won't pass today. You'll be too hot to do anything sensible in bed, let alone try to please yourself or your partner. The challenge of marijuana and sex - unless you're an experienced user who knows the effects of magical dried herbs, you never know when to stop. And you often catch the moment when it's too late.

Lower sperm count If you are trying to get pregnant, marijuana is not your friend, although this does not mean that it is a great form of contraception. The herb affects the quality and quantity of spermatozoa, so real smokers may have a problem with the fertilization of a woman.

Vaginal dryness Smoking marijuana can lead to vaginal dryness. This is due to the drying of the mucous membranes, so it's just like a cotton swab, except that it's down there. And if we know one thing, it will not improve the mood and will not contribute to sex in a positive way. Not at all.

Bad decisions Any substance that changes the mind can make you less cautious. The study showed that under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, users make the wrong decisions, making them more susceptible to contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are too stuck to ask your partner about sexually transmitted diseases tests, or are afraid that you will forget to wear an eraser, perhaps it would be wiser to let go of sex. Of course, if you trust your partner, you're probably safe, but it's important to remember about security.

Proposal? Marijuana effects are unique for each person. While some say that influx sex is not for them, others say that a marijuana smoking session can do wonders for your libido and create a truly magical atmosphere in the bedroom - to the extent that the results will be stunning. If you are going to experiment, remember what Oscar Wilde once said: "Everything is good if you use it in moderation.