How to seduce uncensored young women: Your step-by-step guide

The fact is that every 85-year-old man would love a 18-year-old girl if he had the chance. And yes, the desire for much younger women is completely NORMAL, that's what any normal guy would want, after all they are beautiful! Every guy who says, "Oh, I'd never sleep with an 18-year-old," either lies in fear of being judged, or because social reprogramming makes him react like this. Because from a biological point of view men attract women of the most fertile age. And women are the most sexually fertile when they reach puberty at around age 14 and persist in the "most fertile" in the early 1920s.

As a man, you have been programmed for millions of years to feel attracted to young women who are just reaching puberty, with their breasts and dilated hips. And most men, regardless of their age, are attracted only by young women. You'll never see a senior millionaire play with 40-year-olds, even though they are sometimes over 80 years old.

Men have always secretly wanted very young women and will always be, regardless of what others think about it. However, many will call the older man a "pervert" even for admitting that they like younger girls. It's ridiculous. Advertisers embody hypersexualized young women to sell products, and then society tells us that confessing to them is wrong and embarrassing. If 18-year-old girls were attractive to you, if you were 18, why would you still not be attracted to them because you are 40? Or maybe 60? ... Or 80!

So ignore those who think that something is wrong with sexual attraction to younger women, who are often called "barely legal". Sexual desire is natural and normal, and you should not be ashamed or ashamed of your natural desires as a man. Instead, GET TO KNOW your God-given sexual desires and take your male sexuality in your hands. Don't apologize for that!

What younger girls really think about older men And this is why, as an older man, you can actually feel craving for younger women, much younger women, such as 15 or even 25 years younger than you, and why women really like, and in many cases look, older men. In fact, it's very normal for hot young girls to date older men. And most women meet or are married to older men, and sometimes much older. It's a fact. This is reality. Because the attraction switches are different for women than for men. We are looking for youth, appearance and appearance in women. But women are drawn to countless factors. They are looking for a guy you lead, who can contact them, which means you are confident, and are looking for signs of status and strength.

And looking older, especially if you still eat healthy and exercise and look half decent, is a tip for women with status and power. Age indicates maturity and the ability to make decisions. Women are attracted to the achievements of an older man, economic stability and emotional maturity. And every woman's secret wish must be fulfilled. I am not just talking about economics, but about finding a man who loves her unconditionally, is faithful to her, devotes her attention and devotion to her and makes the relationship fun and makes everything right.

And this is not something that most young guys can do. Younger guys are still lazy, they are not loyal, do not develop or wonder how to make relationships the best relationships in their lives. That is why most young girls are very disappointed in their relationships with young men. They are often full of dramas and disappointments. And these young girls feel that an older man will not break their heart as young men did; believe that an older man will be more involved and show the desire required for a long-term relationship.

Why young girls are easier Very young girls between the ages of 18 and 22 are sometimes MOST attractive to older men. In fact, a 20-year-old girl is often easier to play than a girl in the late 20s or 30s. Because a 21-year-old girl actually wants to have fun, she wants to gain new experience, and dating a much older man is another of those experiences, she wants to have. He is at the experimental age and wants to explore. But if a woman reaches 30 and is still single, she feels that the biological clock is ticking. They feel pressure that they are not so young anymore and that their beauty is fading. The woman is 29, 30 or 31 years old, she is looking for a man who is closer to her age because she is now more desperate to settle, get married and have children.